About Our Studio

The Passion Project in the heart of Downtown Denver, Colorado is a multi-functional, multi-use warehouse and loft style studio with both natural and controllable light. Throughout 8,000 square feet of open, adjustable space, you have the ability to create anything your artistic mind can design. We host all types of collaborations ranging from photo/video shoots, product & company ads, music videos, meetings, classes, and pop-ups.

The creative space is owned and operated by photographer/videographer Taylor Daugherty and fitness/lifestyle entrepreneur Paige Michael.

Studio A

Warehouse Studio with a very industrial, open feel. Concrete floors, brick walls, and two large sky lights make this studio very customizable to any creative needs.

Bare bones style studio space makes this perfect for pop-ups, meetups, large and small scale production, car photo & video, music video, and more.

Loading bay and alleyway access available.

5,000 Square Feet

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Studio B

Industrial Studio with large, street facing windows and a massive sky light providing natural light throughout the entire day.

Creative, open space perfect for photography, videography, commercials, pop-ups, and events.

The variety of textures in this studio make it very unique. Window panes, brick, white walls, flat blacks, concrete flooring.

Two restrooms and a full refrigerator available in this studio.

2,000 Square Feet

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Studio C

Loft Studio with soft, natural light beaming in both East and West windows.

Decorative, warm-toned wood showcases on both the floor and the ceiling, all alongside frosted glass, sliding window doors.

Natural. Clean. Warm. Soft. Glowing. Light. Perfect for photography, videography, product shots, boudoir, commercials, meetings, baby & bridal showers, and group classes.

Floor to ceiling white boards, kitchenette, and restroom to accommodate any group needs.

1,000 Square Feet

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Gym Studio

Warehouse style gym studio with all the dirty grungy vibes for intense looking shots.

Gym is equipped with a pull up / dip set up, squat rack, metal plate weights totaling 500 lbs on the Olympic barbell, dumbbells up to 35 pounds along with other misc. fitness equipment.

Walls and floor are all black for a gritty tough feel along with some old mirrors to really set the tone.

400 Square Feet

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Studio B Rotating Backdrop

That Classic Studio Look

Inside of our Studio B setup we now have a rotating paper backdrop set up to help in all those situations you just want a clean color to shoot on. Situated in the middle of the room this set up has semi controlled light but nothing ever harsh as light is diffused from the sky light above.

Current colors in rotation right now are:

Deep Blue, Beige, Grey, White

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